Sudbury Transit

Sudbury Transit

The developer, Steeve St Fleur, has provided the following information about their application. For more information, visit this app's page on Google Play or Blackberry World.


Never arrive late to the bus stop again using Sudbury Transit. Always get the right time and never have to stand in the cold again. To use the real-time information tool, enter a street name, a 4-digit stop code, or key word and click search.

Be advised that this app is using information from the City of Greater Sudbury Transit API: If you cannot find a result the site might be down.

I created this app just so it would be easier to access the bus times and also to give me some experience in android programming.


  • Bus leaving downtown.
  • Bus Schedules for the week and the weekend.
  • Look up time for the bus to come at your stop.
  • Save your favorite stops.
  • With maps you can locate all the bus stops available around you.
  • Also see all the bus stops numbers.


Q: When I open the map it does not go to my location right away. What is it not working?
A: The issue might be that you have to disable your GPS and only allow location via Wi-Fi & mobile network location.

Q: I just completed the “InAppPurchase” to remove the ads and I still see the ads. Why is that?
A: If you still see the ads after the purchase, you might have to completely close the app and reopen it.