As Members of Council, we hereby acknowledge the privilege to be elected to the City of Greater Sudbury Council for the 2014-2018 term of office. During this time, we pledge to always represent the citizens and to work together always in the interest of the City of Greater Sudbury.

Accordingly, we commit to:

  • Perform our roles, as defined in the Ontario Municipal Act, 2001, the City’s bylaws and City policies;
  • Act with transparency, openness, accountability and dedication to our citizens, consistent with the City’s Vision, Mission and Values and the City official motto;
  • Follow the Code of Ethical Conduct for Members of Council and all City policies that apply to Members of Council;
  • Act today in the interest of tomorrow, by being responsible stewards of the City, including its finances, assets, services, public places, and the natural environment;
  • Manage the resources in our trust efficiently, prudently, responsibly and to the best of our ability;
  • Build a climate of trust, openness and transparency that sets a standard for all the City’s goals and objectives;
  • Always act with respect for all Council and for all persons who come before us, – ensure citizen engagement is encouraged and promoted;
  • Advocate for economic development, encouraging innovation, productivity and job creation;
  • Inspire cultural growth by promoting sports, film, the arts, music, theatre and architectural excellence;
  • Respect our historical and natural heritage by protecting and preserving important buildings, landmarks, landscapes, lakes and water bodies;
  • Promote unity through diversity as a characteristic of Greater Sudbury citizenship;
  • Become civic and regional leaders by encouraging the sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience;
  • Work towards achieving the best possible quality of life and standard of living for all Greater Sudbury residents.

By signing this Charter, we the elected Members of City Council, pledge to keep this commitment, and to serve the City of Greater Sudbury in a manner that will instill civic pride.

Dated: January 27, 2015.