Temporary Relocation of Crews at New Sudbury Fire and Paramedic Station

Jan 24, 2023

Fire and Paramedic crews from the New Sudbury station on Leon Street have been relocated following the temporary closure of the station.

A contractor recently began work on a washroom renovation at the station. The Designated Substance Survey for this location identified potential asbestos in the drywall compound. Due to a concern about proper handling procedures for this type of substance, and the accumulation of dust and debris in the living quarters, the station was closed over the weekend. There is no further concern related to the health and safety of employees.  

Fire crews from the station have been temporarily relocated to the Minnow Lake fire station. Paramedic crews maintain a roaming status in the response area. This temporary location may result in longer fire response times of approximately four minutes in the New Sudbury area, depending on location. Each emergency response will be monitored by staff.

Further testing on the site is required before the necessary cleanup and abatement can occur. As part of the renovation, future water/sewer main work will also cause a lack of functionality for up to 10 days and will need to be addressed before crews can return to the space.

Staff are looking into options for setting up a temporary location that would provide crews a space with access to main arteries required for emergency response in the New Sudbury area. Further updates will be provided as work progresses.