Residents and Builders Encouraged to Take Advantage of Current Development Charge Rates

May 8, 2023

Effective July 1, 2023, the City of Greater Sudbury’s Development Charge (DC) rates will increase by 9.9 per cent. Residents, builders and developers who have building permits involving development charges are encouraged to have them issued prior to this date to take advantage of current rates.

Based on Development Charges By-law 2019-100, the City’s DC rates are adjusted annually on July 1 of each year, in accordance with Statistics Canada’s Non-Residential Building Construction Price Index (Ottawa-Gatineau). DCs are collected upon completion of the building permit approval process. Permits must be issued before July 1 to take advantage of current rates. 

Like most other municipalities across Ontario, the City of Greater Sudbury collects DCs to help pay for municipal services required to support new development, including new or expanded water and wastewater systems, roads and transportation infrastructure, recreation facilities, transit and emergency services. In accordance with the Development Charges Act, DCs are collected from developers or landowners when a building permit is issued, allowing growth to pay for growth.

The DC rates below will come into effect July 1, 2023, for lots serviced with water and wastewater:

  • Single Family Dwellings: $24,356 per unit
  • Semi Detached Dwellings: $19,569 per unit
  • Multiples and Apartments: $14,057 per unit 
  • Industrial: $4.07 per square foot 
  • Non-Industrial (Commercial/Institutional): $6.11 per square foot 

DCs for rental buildings will be discounted based on the number of bedrooms as follows:

  • 25 per cent reduction per unit with three or more bedrooms;
  • 20 per cent reduction per unit with two bedrooms;
  • 15 per cent reduction per unit with one bedroom or bachelor units.

Rates for lots without water and/or wastewater services are lower than listed above. For more information, visit 




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