City Investing in 2023 Capital Projects

May 15, 2023

The 2023 construction season has begun. There are a number of major projects with Council-approved budgets that will begin this year, including:

  • Kingsway from Falconbridge Road to Silver Hills Drive infrastructure improvements including bike lanes – $10 million
  • Paris Street Bridge Improvement (Bridge of Nations), including bike lanes – $9.2 million
  • Paris/Notre Dame Bikeway –$5.5 million
  • Frood Road at Lasalle Boulevard roundabout –$4.3 million
  • Struthers Street from Regent Street to Junction Creek reconstruction – $4.5 million
  • Walford Road from Paris Street to Notre Dame Avenue reconstruction, including bike lanes – $5 million
  • Elderwood Drive from Camelot Road to Greenbriar Drive reconstruction – $4.9 million
  • David Street from Paris Street westerly and Marion Street from McNaughton Road to the north end reconstruction – $6.7 million
  • Panache Lake Road from MR 55 to St. Pothier Road pavement rehabilitation – $2 million
  • Anderson Drive from Third Ave to MR 24 Infrastructure Upgrades – $10.5 million

For a map of current, ongoing construction projects please visit our website

In 2022, there was a total investment of more than $73.6 million into the city’s roads, water, sewer and active transportation networks, as well as bridges and large culverts.

By the numbers: 2022 roads, water, sewer and active transportation networks

  • Rehabilitated 24 lane km of roadway in 23 locations.
  • Installed 8,625 metres of active transportation including sidewalk and trails at 11 locations
  • Installed 10,635 metres of concrete curb and gutter at 15 locations
  • Preformed 4,550 metres of sanitary lining in 27 locations
  • Preformed 1,200 metres of water main lining at four locations
  • Replaced 2,980 metres of water main at seven locations
  • Replaced 1,135 metres of sanitary and storm sewer in 11 locations
  • Rehabilitated seven bridges
  • Replaced three bridges
  • Installed 3,500 metres of guiderail at 12 locations
  • Replaced 50 outdated guiderail end treatments
  • Installed 7,320 metres of rumble strips in two locations
  • Added 4,600 metres of paved shoulders in two locations
  • Completed 93,000 square metres of large asphalt patches at 26 locations
  • Added 34 new streetlights
  • Installed 520 metres of large diameter culverts in 20 locations

Construction projects are part of the City's capital budget, approved by City Council during annual budget deliberations. To learn more about the 2023 municipal budget priorities, visit