VETAC Recognized for Raising Environmental Awareness

May 17, 2019

The Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication (EECOM) awarded VETAC, City Council’s Advisory Panel on Regreening, with the Outstanding Organization Award at its May 10, 2019 conference.

The Outstanding Organization Award is presented for a contribution to an environmental education or communication project which demonstrates an increase in public awareness about the environment and fosters environmental education initiatives.

“I’d like to congratulate VETAC on this considerable achievement,” said City of Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger.  “Thanks to their commitment to our environment, we’ve become recognized around the world for the regreening efforts in our community. We will continue to prioritize clean, green living as an investment in our future and a benefit to the quality of life for our residents.”

VETAC spearheads various environmental initiatives in the community, including the Annual Tree Giveaway, volunteer planting activities and regreening outreach at local schools. 

“VETAC takes pride in sharing its regreening efforts and encouraging residents of all ages to be stewards of their environment,” said Peter Beckett, Chair of VETAC. “Environmental awareness is an important step toward creating a greener future for future generations.”

Each year, the group organizes the Ugliest Schoolyard Contest, which encourages local students to participate in regreening their schoolyard spaces. The group also delivers presentations at schools to educate youth about Greater Sudbury’s environmental restoration efforts.

From 1986 to 2019, VETAC has received 15 awards, including the Greater Sudbury Community Builders Award of Excellence (2016), the United Nations Local Government Honors Award (1992) and the Government of Canada Environmental Achievement Award (1990).

The City of Greater Sudbury’s Regreening Program celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2018. More than 9.8 million trees have been planted and 45 schoolyards have received makeovers since the program’s inception.

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