Partial Roundabout Opening on Lasalle Extension at Collège Boréal on August 14

Aug 13, 2019

As part of the Maley Drive Extension project, traffic on the Lasalle Extension will be redirected from the existing road to the adjacent, newly constructed section, beginning Wednesday, August 14. Traffic is being redirected to the new portion of the road to complete construction of the roundabout at the entrance to Collège Boréal.

Traffic flows in all directions will be clearly marked with barriers and line painting. The partially completed roundabout, at the entrance to Collège Boréal, will operate as a typical intersection with temporary traffic signals and marked stop lines. The attached graphics demonstrate travel routes for each direction.

This will be the city’s first roundabout on a major roadway. It is anticipated construction on this section of the road will be complete in October, with the roundabout scheduled to open in the fall.

A public education campaign will take place over the next couple of months to educate drivers and pedestrians on how to properly maneuver through a roundabout.

The Maley Drive Extension remains on schedule and on budget. It is anticipated Phase 1 of the new road will be open by the end of 2019, with construction continuing into 2020.

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