Many Locations Available for In-person Voting During this Year's Municipal and School Board Election 

Sep 12, 2018

The City’s first fully electronic election includes a number of voting options to ensure convenience and accessibility for all residents.

Voters will be able to cast their electronic ballot anywhere, anytime from a computer, tablet or smartphone for the duration of the voting period, which begins at 10 a.m. on Monday, October 15 and ends on Election Day, October 22, at 8 p.m.

As in other previous elections, on Election Day, October 22, there will be 23 voting locations throughout the city. Eligible voters can attend any of these locations between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. to cast an electronic ballot. A full list of Election Day voting locations can be found at

Additionally, Voter Help Centres will be set up in all City libraries and Citizen Service Centres from Monday, October 15 to Sunday, October 21 during regular operating hours. Staff in these locations will be available to provide assistance to voters who may have questions about the voting process or are not yet comfortable with casting their vote electronically. Voting booths will also be set up at these locations.

Residents choosing to attend an in-person voting location on Election Day will receive free public transit. Simply tell the Greater Sudbury Transit driver that you are attending or returning from voting to ride the bus free of charge.

On Election Day, election staff will attend 23 nursing and long-term care homes to allow residents of those facilities to vote.

The City’s Election Bus will serve as a mobile voting location and will make a number of stops leading up to Election Day to increase access to voting for residents of the community. Stops will include workplaces, The Market and other popular public locations across the city. A full schedule will be available at a later date.

Voters can expect to receive their Voter Information Letters in the mail in September with a unique username and PIN needed to log in to the electronic voting system, whether voting online at a voting location, or from their own device.

It is illegal for anyone to vote more than once, to vote using another’s credentials, or to directly or indirectly influence how an elector votes.

Anyone with questions about the 2018 Municipal and School Board Election can call 311 or email

Election information is available at

Voting Location Facts

What is an Electronic Voting Location?

Electronic Voting Locations are only available on Election Day. As in past elections, they are locations throughout the city where residents can vote in person behind a privacy screen. Voters can attend any of the 23 Electronic Voting Locations to cast their electronic ballot. Voters who need to update their information on the Voters’ List or register to vote can do so at these locations with the proper ID.

What is a Voter Help Centre?

Voter Help Centres are only open from Monday, October 15 to Sunday, October 21. They are setup in all library and Citizen Service Centre locations and follow the facility’s regular operating hours. Voter Help Centres provide an in-person setting with a privacy screen for residents who may require additional help casting their electronic ballot. Voters who need to update their information on the Voters’ List or register to vote can do so at these locations with the proper ID.