Annual Municipal Performance Measurement Report Now Available 

Nov 1, 2018

The Municipal Benchmarking Network Canada (MBNCan) has released its annual Performance Measurement Report, providing comparative performance information from the City of Greater Sudbury and other Canadian cities. 

“Participation in the Municipal Benchmarking Network is an opportunity to provide relevant and reliable data to residents about the City services they rely on,” said Councillor Mike Jakubo, Chair of the Finance and Administration Committee.

MBNCan is a network of 16 Canadian cities collaborating to share consistent data. The information collected provides important context for understanding 36 municipal service areas, including roads, public transit, libraries, water and wastewater systems, long-term care and others. 

“Each year of participation in the benchmarking network provides the City with insights into how our services compare with other municipalities,” said City of Greater Sudbury Chief Administrative Officer Ed Archer. “We voluntarily report this information because we believe it provides important opportunities to collaborate with peers on potential service improvements and provides useful context in our staff reports to support Council's decision making.”

The information contained in the report will also be used to support information provided to Council and to residents. Data will be included in the 2019 Budget document to assist Council in their decisions about service levels, fees and property taxes. 

The 2017 Performance Measurement Report is available on the City’s website at

For more information about MBNCan, visit