Public Transit Infrastructure Fund Invests Millions in Greater Sudbury Transit

February 10, 2017

The Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) is a federal program designed to accelerate short term investments while supporting the rehabilitation of transit systems and funding studies to support longer term transit expansion plans.

The Government of Canada is cost-matching municipal contributions up to 50 per cent of total eligible project costs. On behalf of the Government of Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation is responsible for the administration of the program in Ontario.

In August, 2016, $7.6 million in PTIF funding was announced that will allow Greater Sudbury Transit to analyze and deliver a more efficient transit route network, renovate the Downtown Transit Terminal, upgrade its Transit and Fleet Centre and improve its bus shelters throughout the city.

Under the second round of this cost-matching partnership, a total investment of $5.3 million will make Greater Sudbury Transit more effective and efficient and provide for active transportation improvements along four major streets in Sudbury. The cost of these projects will be shared 50/50 by the federal and city governments.

Transit Access Improvements on the Kingsway: $2,700,000

Municipal investment under the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF): $1,350,000

The Kingsway is a fully developed commercial corridor that currently has sidewalks only on the south side, making it difficult for pedestrians to travel from transit stops to their destinations. Improved pedestrian facilities between Silver Hills Drive and Kitchener Avenue will help make public transit a viable choice for accessing the Kingsway.

Cycling Improvements on Paris Street/Notre Dame Avenue: $735,000

Municipal investment under the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF): $367,500

The Paris Street/Notre Dame Avenue corridor is a key north-south transportation route in the City of Greater Sudbury. Removing obstacles on existing boulevards, constructing curb depressions and installing signage will better enable cyclists to access the bus stops along this corridor.

Improved Connectivity on Westmount Avenue: $255,000

Municipal investment under the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF): $127,500

Active transportation routes encourage transit ridership by making it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to reach their bus stop. Connecting existing cycling facilities on Attlee Avenue to new cycling facilities on Westmount Avenue and Barry Downe Road will enable cyclists to take transit from all areas of the city to access natural trails in the New Sudbury Conservation Area, Junction Creek Waterway Park, Rotary Park and Adanac Ski Hill.

LaSalle Boulevard Corridor Study: $200,000

Municipal investment under the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF): $100,000

Construction of Maley Drive to move heavy truck traffic from LaSalle Boulevard offers an opportunity for the city to explore the potential transformation of this major east-west travel corridor. LaSalle Boulevard is currently served by 12 transit routes which carry over 5,200 passengers on an average daily basis. Part of the study will develop recommendations to improve walking and cycling facilities and connectivity along a three-kilometre stretch of the corridor.

Travel Demand Management Strategy: $55,000

Municipal investment under the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF): $27,500

Travel Demand Management (TDM) is a general term for strategies that encourage a shift from single-occupant vehicle trips to other modes, including public transit or active transportation. The study will help to define the city’s TDM goals and objectives, recommend possible partnerships, policies and programs, as well as develop measurement tools and an implementation plan.

Intelligent Transportation System Strategic Plan: $55,000

Municipal investment under the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF): $27,500

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) integrate advanced communications technologies with infrastructure and vehicles to improve transportation safety and efficiency. ITS will provide accurate and up-to-date information to transit operations for planning and scheduling purposes, including opportunities to introduce transit priority signals at key intersections. All traffic and pedestrians must yield to public transit buses at a transit priority signal.

Rebuilt Buses: $1,350,000

Municipal investment under the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF): $675,000

A total of 25 Greater Sudbury Transit buses will undergo a scheduled rebuild for improved reliability and to extend their operating life.