Pedestrians Get a Head Start on Notre Dame Avenue at Kathleen Street

March 30, 2017

The City of Greater Sudbury has upgraded traffic signals at the Notre Dame Avenue and Kathleen Street intersection to reduce conflict between pedestrians crossing the road and turning vehicles.

The new “leading pedestrian interval” gives pedestrians an additional four seconds to begin crossing Notre Dame Avenue while traffic on both Kathleen and Notre Dame faces a red light.

The four second delay gives pedestrians time to be fully visible in the crosswalk to establish their right-of-way in the intersection, before traffic on Kathleen is given the green light to make a left turn.

“Notre Dame Avenue at Kathleen Street is the top intersection for pedestrian collisions in our city,” said  Ward 12 Councillor Joscelyne Landry-Altmann. “Pedestrian collisions are mostly likely to occur at intersections controlled with a traffic signal. That’s why a four second advance for pedestrians is so important.

“Motorists turning right off Kathleen onto southbound Notre Dame must stop for a red light and remain stopped until pedestrians have cleared the intersection. Motorists turning left off Kathleen onto northbound Notre Dame must watch for pedestrians who have been given advance time to occupy the intersection before the light turns green for left turning traffic.”

As with all other intersections, pedestrians must wait for the walk signal at the Notre Dame crossings. Pedestrians facing a flashing or steady hand symbol should not begin to cross the road. Pedestrians who have already begun to cross when the hand signal appears should finish crossing the road at a safe pace.

Motorists are reminded when making a right turn that it is a requirement of the Highway Traffic Act to come to a full stop at a red light and to remain stopped until the intersection is clear.