Snowy Day Etiquette for Plowing Private Driveways and Walkways

Feb 24, 2016

The City of Greater Sudbury reminds residents that clearing snow and ice from our streets is a shared responsibility. Snow from private driveways and walkways should never be deposited onto any city street or sidewalk and should never be pushed onto the opposite side of the road.

Piles of snow left behind on the road when clearing driveways or walkways can cause drivers to lose control. Using an ATV or truck to push snow onto the opposite side of the road can result in buildup of icy sections. Accumulated snow from private plowing should never interfere with the safe passage of traffic and pedestrians on our roadways and sidewalks for the safety of all.

Clearing snow from private driveways and walkways is regulated under municipal by-law for the Fouling, Obstruction, Use and Care of Roads. For more information, please visit