Seniors Ride Free on Greater Sudbury Transit Every Monday Starting March 1

Feb 12, 2016

For Immediate Release                            
Friday, February 12, 2016

Greater Sudbury Council has approved a pilot program to extend free Greater Sudbury Transit service to senior citizens age 65 and over. Starting March 1, 2016, seniors can ride free every Monday. The Seniors Ride Free pilot program will continue for six months, with financial support from the Provincial Gas Tax Fund.

“We know that as we get older, accessible transportation plays a big part in maintaining an independent lifestyle,” said Mayor Brian Bigger. “I encourage our senior residents to try our ride free on Monday program to learn the system, allowing more seniors to feel comfortable riding transit, helping them lead more independent lives.”

Senior photo identification cards are coded to provide free transportation on Mondays. Seniors age 65 plus who have a photo i.d. marked “Older Adult” must exchange their card  to qualify for free fare. Senior photo identification is available free of charge when cards are exchanged, or at a one-time cost of $6 for new cards, at the Downtown Transit Terminal Kiosk, 9 Elm Street, Sudbury. Proof of age is required to obtain a photo i.d.

New photo identification will be exchanged free of charge at the Downtown Transit Terminal Kiosk, 9 Elm Street, Sudbury beginning Tuesday, February 16, 2016.

Senior citizens age 65 plus who are registered clients of Handi-Transit will also be eligible for free transportation on Mondays, to match the fare structure available on conventional public transit. Trips aboard Handi-Transit must be reserved at least two working days in advance or up to one month in advance. Photo identification is not required for Handi-Transit.

To assist seniors who may not be familiar with the public transit system, Greater Sudbury Transit will offer training sessions at various locations for both conventional buses and Handi-Transit, beginning in late spring.

The Greater Sudbury Transit fleet is 100 per cent accessible and has many features to make it easier for individuals with various abilities to ride the bus:

•    Low floors have replaced stairs. One small step up is all that’s required to board the bus.
•    Wheelchair ramps are automated. The ramp is also available for scooters and walkers.
•    Seats at the front of the bus fold up. Each bus can accommodate two wheelchairs.
•    Persons with disabilities have first priority for seats at the front of the bus. Elderly persons also have courtesy seating near the front of the bus.
•    Upcoming bus stops are displayed on a large screen at the front of the bus to help passengers find their way. Upcoming stops are also announced should passengers have difficulty reading the screen.
•    Free fare is extended to one support person for passengers who qualify for assistance during travel.
•    Discount fare is always available for passengers age 65 plus, upon presentation of a Senior photo identification card.

Greater Sudbury Transit offers seven day a week service and morning to night departure times. Schedules are available by dialling 705-675-3333 and online at