Council Endorses Maley Drive Extension Project

Mar 23, 2016

For immediate release
Tuesday, March 22 2016

Council Endorses Maley Drive Extension Project

The City of Greater Sudbury Council tonight reaffirmed its support for the Maley Drive Extension Project, and has directed staff to continue working with federal partners to secure funding that will ensure the timely completion of the project. It has been determined that any funding from the provincial and federal government has been or would be specifically earmarked for this project through the Building Canada Fund.

The studies completed to date on the Maley Drive Extension Project – including the Official Plan, the Transportation Master Plan and extensive Environmental Assessment – demonstrate that this project is vital to the success of many other strategic initiatives. The project will deliver short, medium, and long-term benefits to residents, businesses, and industries throughout our community.

“I’m pleased that Council has endorsed the Maley Drive Extension Project,” said Mayor Brian Bigger. “Both the Federal and Provincial governments have recognized this importance as well. It is critical to the economy of Greater Sudbury, creating 780 jobs, contributing $135.6 million in net economic value, well positioning the City for growth. The Maley Drive Extension Project is a foundational element of our road network, consistent with a future vision for our community, which will ensure the efficient movement of goods and people, providing improved mobility, while ensuring safety and environmental sustainability.”

The City held a public input session on the project on March 1, 2016, and submissions were received by the public until end of day, March 18. All input was made available for review to Council and the public ahead of a Council decision on the motion tabled by Mayor Brian Bigger on March 22, 2016.

The total budgeted cost of Phase One of the extension project is $80.1 million. The Province of Ontario has committed $26.7 million to Phase One, contingent on a one-third cost sharing partnership with the Government of Canada and the City of Greater Sudbury.

“The Maley Drive extension is one element of a more comprehensive capital program,” said General Manager of Infrastructure Services Tony Cecutti. “We have worked diligently to make sure that the project is shovel-ready, and our staff are prepared to start work soon as possible.”

Based on the 2016 budget, this year, the City will have $15.4 million saved for the project, to ensure its shovel-ready status, with money designated in future budget years to fund the remainder of the project. The Maley Drive Extension (Phase One) will connect LaSalle Boulevard West with Falconbridge Highway. Once construction has started, Phase One of the project is expected to take three years.

An overview of the Maley Drive Extension project, including a profile, construction maps, and the presentation made by Mr. Cecutti at the March 1 public input meeting, is available at