Springtime Street Sweeping in Greater Sudbury

Apr 17, 2015

Street sweeping operations have begun in the City of Greater Sudbury. City crews have started sweeping sidewalks, boulevards, medians and some streets throughout the city. Currently, business centres, and the Sudbury Rocks Marathon routes are areas of high priority, but once those areas are cleaned, crews will continue to sweep other parts of the city.

Two street sweeping companies have been contracted to support municipal crews and are set to begin work on Monday, April 27.  Bruell Contracting Ltd. will sweep streets in Capreol, Hanmer, Val Caron, Chelmsford, Azilda and Lively areas. A & G The Road Cleaners Ltd. will sweep downtown, Copper Cliff, New Sudbury, Garson, Falconbridge and Minnow Lake areas. Street sweeping on arterial routes will not be permitted during peak traffic hours.

The City of Greater Sudbury sweeps all municipally maintained roads with a hard top or finished coat of asphalt, including bridges, and gutters. Sidewalks and walkways plowed and sanded by the city during the winter will also be cleared, as well as hard-surfaced boulevards and medians.

Residents are reminded to not rake or blow leaves, lawn clippings or other debris onto roads and sidewalks. Swept sand should be evenly distributed on roads, as sand piles can clog vacuum sweepers.

It is important to avoid parking overnight on municipal roads and to remove basketball and hockey nets from streets, until sweeping is complete. Residents are also asked not to place garbage containers and recycling boxes on roads and gutters.

The City of Greater Sudbury thanks residents for their patience. Noise and dust are unavoidable during street sweeping. Work is anticipated to be complete by the end of May, dependent on weather.