Hauled Liquid Waste Tipping Fee to Begin May 19

May 14, 2015

For Immediate Release        
Thursday, May 14, 2015    

Hauled Liquid Waste Tipping Fee to Begin May 19

The City of Greater Sudbury would like to inform residents that tipping fees on hauled liquid waste will take effect Tuesday, May 19, 2015.

Hauled liquid waste is waste that is removed from the sewage system (including a septic tank system, a chemical toilet, a portable toilet, or a sewage holding tank) and is sent for proper treatment.

The cost to receive and treat your waste will be recovered by the City through a new tipping fee which will be charged to the companies that haul septic waste.

The tipping fee will depend on the volume of the waste that is being received. The current cost of receiving liquid waste at the receiving station is $32/m3. Owners of private septic systems will be required to pay this tipping fee to have their liquid waste received, properly treated, monitored, and safely released into the environment.

Collection of the tipping fee will be received by the liquid waste hauler at the time of the pump out; the City of Greater Sudbury will recover the collected tipping fee from the waste hauler.  Owners of approved private holding tank septic systems will be eligible for a rebate of $16/m3. For more information about hauled liquid waste and tipping fees, please call 3-1-1 or visit http://www.greatersudbury.ca

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