Greater Sudbury Transit Standards and Performance Indicators Available Online

Nov 16, 2015

The Operations Committee of Greater Sudbury Council has received an overview of Greater Sudbury Transit service design standards, key performance indicators and reporting/monitoring service review processes. The Transit Standards and Performance Indicators Report is available online at

The tools identified in the report provide a foundation for a systematic assessment of public transit routes and requests for new, modified or extended services. Report highlights include:

  • Annual ridership counts from 2006 to a current level of 4.46 million in 2014.

  • Overall base service levels of 57 per cent, delivering a basic level of transit service regardless of ridership, and 43 per cent enhanced service levels, providing additional services to a higher number of riders.

  • A policy which outlines the criteria used to evaluate potential locations or requests for additional bus shelters.

  • Economic performance standards which measure the difference between operating revenues and operating costs, ridership performance standards which provide a measurement against target ridership, and operational performance standards which are compared with actual adherence to schedules.

  • Evaluation of Greater Sudbury Transit routes for ridership, hours and performance standards.

Citizens who cannot access the Transit Standards and Performance Indicators Report online may ask for a printed copy at their nearest branch of the Greater Sudbury Public Library.