City Reorganizes to Deliver Services More Effectively

Apr 9, 2015

The City of Greater Sudbury is making changes to its organizational structure in order to streamline operations, find efficiencies, and ultimately pave the way to deliver services to citizens more effectively.

The changes are expected to result in service efficiencies for residents and employees alike. A number of the changes are also being made in response to the two-year secondment of General Manager of Community Development Catherine Matheson to the North-East Local Health Integration Network.

“These changes are designed to allow us to emphasize and enhance the customer and employee experience of City Hall,” said Chief Administrative Officer Doug Nadorozny. “The leadership team at the City is ready to take on new challenges and opportunities as we work towards maximizing operational efficiency in the context of budget 2016 and beyond.”  

The organizational changes being made are outlined below:

  • Chief of Fire and Paramedic Services, Tim Beadman, is appointed for two years to the position of General Manager of Health, Social and Emergency Services, responsible for: Emergency Services, Fire Services, Paramedic Services, Social Services, Housing Services, and Pioneer Manor.
  • During this time, Executive Deputy Chief of Fire and Paramedic Services, Trevor Bain, will assume the role of Chief of Fire and Paramedic Services.
  • The City will post internally post for a vacancy for the position of General Manager, Citizen and Leisure Services. The two-year position is responsible for Citizen Services, Leisure Services, and Children Services.
  • Acting General Manager of Growth and Development Paul Baskcomb is appointed to the position of General Manager of Growth and Development, responsible for Planning Services, Building Services, and Economic Development.
  • Environmental Services will move from the Growth and Development Department to Infrastructure Services under the leadership of Tony Cecutti General Manager of Infrastructure Services.
  • Transit and Fleet Services will move from Infrastructure Services, and Asset Services will move from Growth and Development, to the leadership of Lorella Hayes, who will assume a new title as General Manager of Finance, Transit, Assets and Chief Financial Officer.
  • By-Law Enforcement will be aligned with Provincial Offenses and Corporate Security, moving from Growth and Development to Court Services and Corporate Security, which falls within Administrative Services under the leadership of Caroline Hallsworth.

Mandate letters will be provided to all Senior Management Team members to guide departments’ strategic and work planning over the next two years. Those letters will be made available on the City’s website later this month. The overarching priorities for the organization over the coming years are:

  • To emphasize the customer and the employee experience of City Hall by reviewing each of our processes and operations to ensure citizen satisfaction and organizational sustainability,
  • To foster a culture of openness and transparency in all our operations by actively embracing and enacting the principles of open government,
  • To develop the leadership and strategic capacity of our organization by empowering our teams to engage in identifying opportunities and implementing solutions to meet the business goals of the organization, and 
  • To measure progress made towards our goals and the quality of our service delivery by developing and executing business plans and implementing benchmarking programs.

The organizational changes will take effect on Monday, April 13.