City Adopts Principles of Open Government

Apr 1, 2015

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The City of Greater Sudbury tonight formally adopted a model of Open Government based on the principles of Open Information, Open Data, Open Dialogue, and Open Doors. 

Open Government is a movement that is endorsed at the international, federal and provincial levels of government which moves accountability and transparency to a higher and more comprehensive level. While each government that has endorsed Open Government has slightly different models that reflect their communities, cultures and priorities, all have common themes which can be summarized as follows: 

•Working with and communicating to the public and involving citizens in decision-making (Open Dialogue)  

•Opening up and proactively releasing government information (Open Information) 

•Making data a publically available tool or asset (Open Data) 

•Implementing measures or plans for accountability and oversight of government actions (Open Doors). 

“The principles of Open Government are perfectly aligned with the Charter of Greater Sudbury and reflect the overall desire of Council to deliver transparency and responsiveness to citizens,” said Mayor Brian Bigger. “The unanimous vote by Council moves us one step closer to fulfilling this commitment and places our community among a select few across Canada who have chosen to follow Open Government guidelines.”  

The Open Government model presented and adopted tonight is a follow-up to the discussions and directions of previous Councils with regards to accountability and transparency. It provides a framework under which municipal services will continue be delivered, and a commitment on behalf of the City to embracing the principles of open and enhanced engagement with citizens.

“The Open Government model builds on the accountability and transparency systems that our organization has already established,” said Chief Administrative Officer Doug Nadorozny. “I am excited to move the model forward in different ways in the coming months and years.”

A number of reports will be brought forward to Council over the coming months to further advance actions associated with the principles of Open Government: a report on Open Data; a report on the new provincial Bill 8 and accountability officers (such as the integrity commissioner and the lobbyist registry); a report on a possible whistleblower policy; and a formal structure for citizen engagement in Council and municipal affairs. 

The full report on the Open Government model and its implementation at the City can be found online at: