Additional Types of ATVs Now Permitted on City Roads

Aug 11, 2015

For Immediate Release       
Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Greater Sudbury City Council approved a new All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) by-law to reflect new provincial legislation, which came into effect on July 1, 2015.

New municipal ATV by-law 2015-158 allows the operation of additional types of ATVs, Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs) and recreational off-highway vehicles (ORVs) on designated city roads. This new ATV by-law replaces By-laws 2014-224 and 2013-131, which only permitted single-rider ATVs on designated roadways.  

Effective immediately, the following types of ATVs, OTVs and UTVs are permitted on designated municipal roads, in accordance with new Ontario Ministry of Transportation Highway Traffic Act legislation:

• Single-rider ATVs

• Two-up ATVs 

• Side-by-side ORVs

• Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs)

Please note that all ATVs, ORVs and UTVs must meet requirements as outlined under provincial legislation. Residents should ensure that their ATVs, ORVs or UTVs meet these specifications before their operation on roadways.  

All other sections of the new municipal ATV by-law have been carried over from the previous ATV by-laws. 

For additional information, including Frequently Asked Questions and a list of designated roads, please visit or call 311.