Greater Sudbury Transit and Fleet Centre Opens on Time and on Budget

Sep 5, 2014

The City of Greater Sudbury’s Transit and Fleet Centre at 1160 Lorne Street will open on time and on budget. A phased move from six service depots into one central garage and office facility will begin with the transfer of public transit buses during the early morning hours of Saturday, September 6. Municipal services provided by Greater Sudbury Transit and Fleet will continue uninterrupted as the move progresses in stages over a three week period.

“The successful rehabilitation of 1160 Lorne Street is a long-term investment in our municipal fleet with room to repair and service all vehicles. It has eliminated the inefficiencies of duplicate work sites and has been built with future growth in mind,” said Greater Sudbury Chief Administrative Officer Doug Nadorozny.

“Completing this project on time and on budget is a significant achievement, given the building size and technical requirements. We are extremely pleased with the performance of key staff leading this project and with employees who provided feedback on the design of their new workstations.”

Greater Sudbury Council directed the municipality to proceed with the $4.9 million purchase of the former National Grocers distribution centre in December, 2010. At that time, estimated capital cost to renovate the 135,000 square foot facility was between $21.75 million and $23.5 million. Once the move to the new centre is complete, it is anticipated that actual cost for renovations will be in the low range of this estimate.

Municipal reserve funds and capital envelopes have contributed to the cost of the project. The remaining balance currently estimated at $14 million will be financed over 20 years through a combination of debt financing, capital envelopes, development charges, Provincial Gas Taxes and municipal reserve funds.

The new centre combines mechanics and equipment from depots in Capreol, Chelmsford, Lively and Sudbury, in addition to the Greater Sudbury Transit garage. Inherited from the former Regional Municipality of Sudbury in 2001, the garages are too old and too small to efficiently service the municipal fleet.

A staff report in 2008 recommended a central garage of approximately 135,000 square feet to maximize opportunities to maintain and repair more municipal vehicles in-house. The former National Grocers distribution centre was a perfect match for square footage and acreage.

Due diligence confirmed the building floor, columns and roof are structurally sound. Ground conditions and air quality have passed all legislated requirements. The renovation has proven less costly than new construction - in 2008 the estimated cost of building a new facility was $36 million – and has been completed in less time.

The Transit and Fleet Centre can hold 70 transit buses, with room for articulated buses in the future, and is large enough to accommodate repairs and maintenance of all 900 municipal vehicles and equipment, from the smallest piece to the largest fire truck.

All the tools, parts and lubricants needed to repair and maintain the municipal fleet will be available in one location, combining former operations at six independent depots. The new centre has one parts and inventory room; mechanics will share common equipment, fuel and fluid delivery systems in 28 repair bays, as well as welding, tire and body shops.

“The new Transit and Fleet Centre will allow us to focus on the needs of all operating departments in ways that weren’t possible under the old business model of independent depots,” said Tony Cecutti, General Manager of Greater Sudbury Infrastructure Services. “It’s a fresh start that will benefit all employees, and ultimately citizens, who rely on the fleet for the delivery of municipal services.”

An employee and family day will celebrate the opening of the new Transit and Fleet Centre once the move is complete. A public open house will follow later this year.


Who’s Inside: Greater Sudbury Transit and Fleet Centre

What’s Inside: Greater Sudbury Transit and Fleet Centre