Community-led project 

Building, renovating, or updating Leisure Services amenities can strengthen community connections as well as improve neighbourhoods. Community-Led Projects are proposed to the City as an idea and upon review and with the City of Greater Sudbury’s support, community groups’ ideas become approved projects and are completed once funding has been secured through the community group’s efforts to fundraise. A community-led project taps into the local needs and interests of residents. This local focus helps the City of Greater Sudbury discover and support the best of what it means to be part of our dynamic, growing city.

Community group or “groups”

An individual or group of community members who have an idea for a new project or an enhancement to an existing Leisure Services City-owned and operated facility or space. Community groups who are not-for-profit are eligible to apply for City funding to support their idea through the Healthy Community Initiative Fund.

Healthy Community Initiative (HCI) Fund

Supports community-based projects and initiatives that advance the City of Greater Sudbury’s strategic goals. Funds may be issued to projects that promote community growth and contribute to the quality of life in Greater Sudbury. An applicant must be a not-for-profit community group or organization that conducts its activities within the boundaries of Greater Sudbury and have a legal bank account in the name of the applicant or of a not-for-profit, parent group/organization. Applications may also be eligible if they are for a Councillor-led event/initiative. More information available on our HCI fund page.

Project idea

An idea generated by a community group and brought to the City for discussion and review. Ideas for projects can come from a new perceived need, an emerging trend or an identified replacement or revitalization to an existing Leisure Services City-owned and operated facility or space. A project idea is not approved or supported by the City until City staff have reviewed and assessed the project idea and its alignment to the City’s Parks, Open Space and Leisure Master Plan, Council’s strategic priorities, and service level provisions. The project cannot proceed without the City’s approval. 

Directional guidance

Following the initial review of the project idea, if the City is supportive of continuing to develop plans and a scope of work for the project, City staff will give directional guidance to the community group. Directional guidance comes in the form of a written letter or email of support from the Leisure Services team providing the community group with best practices and tips to further develop their project plan. 

Approved project 

One that has received written approval from the City of Greater Sudbury to move forward. Once all plans, budgets and estimates are consolidated, City staff will review and provide final approval for the project to move forward. Approval will be provided in the form of a letter or email.

Project Manager

A City of Greater Sudbury staff member who is assigned to manage the project timelines, vendors, procurement and build once all funds have been raised. Project managers oversee the site and ensure that all health and safety, insurance and construction by-laws are followed. Community groups do not act as project managers and are not to be on site or liaising with vendors during construction.

Leisure Services Community-led Projects Working Team

A group of employees assigned to collaborate and work with community groups through the various phases of a community-led project. This working team may consist of a:

  • Recreation Coordinator – main point of contact for the community group throughout the process
  • Parks Superintendent - most often becomes the Project Manager once a project is ready to begin construction. Manages all timelines, vendors, procurement and build once all funds have been raised
  • Partnership and Outreach Coordinator – supports the community group with planning and fundraising best practices and recognition of sponsors
  • Coordinator of Community Initiatives and Quality Assurance - supports discussions around HCI funding if applicable for the project

Leisure Services management

City staff who will support with reviews and approvals of community-led project ideas for projects expected to cost more than $10,000 and/or projects that impact current service level provisions. Projects receiving Healthy Communities Initiative (HCI) funding may require approval from City Council as per the HCI funding approval guidelines. The Leisure Services Management Team consists of:

  • Director of Leisure Services
  • Manager of Recreation
  • Manager of Parks


A mutually beneficial partnership between the City of Greater Sudbury and a city-approved external company, organization, or enterprise wherein the external party contributes funds, goods, or services to a municipal program, event, project, initiative, service, or facility in return for recognition, acknowledgement, or other promotional consideration for a specified period. For more information, see our Sponsorship Policy. 


A gift or contribution of cash, goods or service given voluntarily toward a municipal program, event, project, initiative, service, or facility as a philanthropic act/gesture. There is no benefit or consideration other than token recognition and involvement in any opening day events, etc.