Kingsway Entertainment District and Arena/Event Centre

Click image for a larger view of the Kingsway Entertainment District, showing the Event Centre at left, Festival Square and the Casino/Hotel complex at right.

Current Status and Next Steps

  • September 20 to October 4 2017: Integrated site plan public consultation.
  • November 3 to 10, 2017:  Follow up with the public on integrated site plan concept.
  • November 22, 2017: Council approves final integrated site plan for Kingsway Entertainment District
  • December, 2017: Financing to be considered as part of the 2018 capital budget for the municipality’s portion of the Kingsway Entertainment District
  • First quarter 2018: Expected decision of the Planning Committee on a rezoning application for the Event Centre
  • First quarter 2018: Criteria to evaluate contracts for a design-build model of Event Centre construction presented to Council for consideration