Required Identification

      All documents must be provided in their original format. Photocopies or photos of documents will not be accepted. 

      To get a Marriage Licence, each person getting married must provide two pieces of valid government issued identification, with at least one being photo identification, for each applicant (four pieces total). Please note the first and last name on the two pieces of identification that you provide in support of your marriage licence must match. i.e., if you are using a passport and a driver’s licence, both the first and last names must be same on both documents.

      • Birth Certificate (Canadian or foreign)
      • Passport (Canadian or foreign)
      • Driver’s licence (Canadian or foreign
      • Ontario Photo Card
      • Photo identity card (other Canadian province/territory or foreign)
      • Canadian Citizenship Card
      • Canadian Permanent Resident Card
      • Canadian record of landing
      • Canadian Government Refugee Travel Document
      • Canadian Department of National Defence driver’s licence (Form DND 404)
      • Canadian Possession and Acquisition Licence
      • Canadian Status Card
      • Canadian Conditional Release Identification Card
      • Nexus card
      • United States Green card
      • Report Pursuant to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act with photo (Form IMM 1442)
      • Student Authorization/Study Permit (Form IMM 1442)
      • Employment Authorization/Work Permit (Form IMM 1442)
      • Visitor Record (Form IMM 1442)
      • Temporary Resident’s Permit (Form IMM 1442) – formally Minister’s Permit/Extension of Minister’s Permit