Book your Marriage Licence Appointment

To book your appointment to get your Marriage Licence at Tom Davies Square you must use the online booking system.  

To book your appointment at one of our Citizen Service Centres, please call one of the locations listed below to schedule an appointment.

Capreol Citizen Service Centre

Chelmsford Citizen Service Centre

Dowling Library and Citizen Service Centre

Garson Library and Citizen Service Centre

Lively Library and Citizen Service Centre

Valley East Library and Citizen Service Centre

Appointments may take up to one hour and the following requirements must be met in order for a licence to be issued.

Before your Appointment 

  • Complete, print and sign the online Marriage Licence Application Form.  
  • When completing the Marriage Licence Application Form you will be asked to provide the following information: 
    • the proposed date of your marriage, which must be within three (3) months of the date you are getting your licence. 
    • the proposed place of marriage (city/town/reserve).
    • the names, dates of birth, provinces/territories of birth, countries of birth (as it was known at the time of your births), addresses and contact information for both applicants. 
    • the marital status of each applicant. If you are remarrying after a divorce, annulment or death of a spouse,  
    • the names and countries of birth for each applicant's parents. 
    • two pieces of original government issued identification with at least one being photo identification (ID), for each applicant (four total). All documents must be provided in their original format. Photocopies or photos of documents will not be accepted.

During your Appointment 

One or both of the applicants must attend in person in order to get a Marriage Licence. 

Applicants must bring the completed Marriage Licence Application Form, signed by both applicants, and all required documents to the appointment.

If you do not attend your appointment with the required information/documents a marriage licence will not be issued to you.