Comfort Tips

The Ontario Snow Resorts Association has created a scale known as “Comfort Tips” that helps the public to determine how comfortable they can expect to be while participating in winter recreation activities.

Temperatures above -5°C:
  • Enjoy outdoor winter activities.
  • Consider wearing a hat and gloves.
Temperature -5°C to -20°C:
  • Enjoy outdoor winter activities.
  • Dress in layers.
  • Exposed skin will be cold: consider wearing a hat, scarf, gloves/mittens and a wind-resistant layer.
Temperature -20°C to -35°C:
  • Keep active while outdoors.
  • Dress in warm layers.
  • Limit amount of exposed skin.
  • Wear a hat, scarf, gloves/mittens and wind-resistant outer layer.
Temperature below -35°C:
  • Facilities may close at this temperature or below.
  • Minimize outdoor activity.
  • Wear all essential winter clothing and layers.
  • Cover all exposed skin.

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