Speed Watch Program

Speed Watch Program

Speed Watch is an initiative to reduce speeding on roads through public awareness and community action. This program is administered by the City of Greater Sudbury's Traffic and Transportation section in partnership with the Greater Sudbury Police Service. 

How the Speed Watch Program Works

Your Role

  • You can borrow a portable radar unit to monitor traffic in your neighbourhood for a specified period of time. One person views speeds on the radar, while another records speeds and licence plate numbers of speeding vehicles.
  • You must not, under any circumstance, confront drivers or vehicles.
  • You must return the data and equipment by the study end date. 

The City’s Role

  • City employees will review the data you collect. In locations where excessive traffic speed is a concern, the City may conduct a follow-up traffic engineering study.
  • If a speeding problem exists, the City will forward all collected information to the Greater Sudbury Police Service.

The Greater Sudbury Police Service’s Role

  • The Greater Sudbury Police Service may issue cautionary letters to motorists identified by Speed Watch volunteers through their licence plate numbers.
  • The Greater Sudbury Police Service will schedule and conduct, within a reasonable time frame, a "zero tolerance" speed enforcement campaign in the area identified by Speed Watch volunteers.

Get Started with the Speed Watch Program

Once Your Application is Approved

  • We will notify you, schedule a start date for the program and if necessary, host a meeting with neighbourhood residents to discuss details of the program.
  • City employees will train you to use the Speed Watch equipment.