Gateway Speed Limits in Residential Areas

Gateway Speed Limits in Residential Areas

Higher motor vehicle speeds directly correlate with slower driver reaction time and increased risk of serious injury or death to vulnerable road users upon collision.

Graphic of pedestrian survival rates by speed: 30 km/h 9/10, 40km/h 6/10, 50 km/h 2/10, 60km/h 0/10

As a result, the City of Greater Sudbury has implemented the Gateway Speed Limit pilot project in a residential area in each Ward. Gateway Speed Limits areas are zones where the speed limit has been reduced for all roads to 40 km/h in residential areas and 30km/h in school zones within that designated area. These areas have gateway speed limit signage installed at all entry and exit points, to and from the bordering main roads. This signage includes ‘AREA’ and ‘BEGINS’ or ‘ENDS’ tabs below the posted speed limit. The existing speed limits on main roadways bordering the designated area are not affected.

Maps of Pilot Project Residential Areas by Ward

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