Chelmsford Town Centre Community Improvement Plan

Council has approved the Chelmsford Town Centre Community Improvement Plan (CIP) (PDF, 11.4 MB).

The Plan identifies a vision for the town centre to ensure that it is well-planned to attract investment, support economic development, and strengthen community identity.  The Plan has three primary goals:

  • The active transportation goal proposes the construction of the Whitson River Waterway Trail, sidewalk and bike route connections on Anna Street, coordination with the Transportation Master Plan, and signage and design guidelines.  
  • The second goal of redevelopment focuses on amendments to the Zoning By-law and expansion of the Community Improvement Area to encourage redevelopment, as well as increased marketing of the Town Centre Community Improvement Plan.  
  • The third goal proposes the development of urban/streetscape design guidelines, monitoring capital improvements to ensure coordination of projects and encouragement of beautification and revitalization of vacant properties.

Next Steps

As per Council resolution CC2018-199, staff are proceeding with the Detailed Design of the Whitson River Waterway Trail and have included a business case for the construction of the trail as part of the 2019 budget process.

Through the above resolution, staff have also received direction to proceed with the Planning Act approvals required to implement Action Item A: Zoning By-law Amendment and Action Item B: expand the Community Improvement Plan Area, under Goal 2: Redevelopment.