City Re-Launches Species of the Month Campaign

Jan 9, 2020

The City of Greater Sudbury is pleased to announce the return of the Species of the Month bookmark campaign. Every month, a different local plant or animal will be featured on a bookmark available at any Greater Sudbury Public Library location throughout 2020.

Continuing with the success of the Species of the Month postcard campaign launched in 2015, this initiative raises awareness of the importance of Greater Sudbury’s ecological recovery efforts in improving the habitat for wildlife in our city. The campaign is part of the City’s Biodiversity Action Plan, which was developed and is being implemented in partnership with Vale and Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations, a Glencore Company, as well as numerous organizations within Greater Sudbury.  

The January bookmark features a Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush). Find out more about local biodiversity by visiting