City of Greater Sudbury Amends Fireworks By-law amid COVID-19 Response


City Council has approved amendments to the Fireworks By-law (2011-100) to ensure emergency response resources are dedicated to COVID-19 response and to discourage  the potential for large, social gatherings.

Under the amended by-law, residents are no longer able to set off fireworks on a permitted day if a municipal fire ban or provincial restricted fire zone is in effect. The amendment also removes Victoria Day and Canada as permitted days for 2020.

The City of Greater Sudbury declared a fire ban in April, in alignment with the restricted fire zone put in place by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). The restricted fire zone declaration by the Ministry is a proactive measure to protect firefighter resources impacted by COVID-19. Reducing the risk of human-caused fires ensures firefighters have the capacity to respond to other fires.

When the MNRF declares a restricted fire zone, it includes both crown and private lands within a municipality. The municipal open air burning ban supports the MNRF by permitting Fire Services and Bylaw Officers to enforce burning within the restricted fire zone, which includes Greater Sudbury. Even if the open air burning ban was lifted by the City, all open-air burning within Greater Sudbury would remain prohibited as long as the MNRF restricted fire zone is in place.

Most Ontario municipalities south of Owen Sound and Orillia are  outside the fire zone , which means the MNRF restricted fire zone does not apply. Townships and municipalities in the MNRF outside fire region have the authority to declare or not declare a restricted fire zone.

Please monitor the City’s website at, and social media accounts at or for COVID-19 updates.The City of Greater Sudbury, through decisions of City Council, and with guidance from Public Health Sudbury & Districts, continues to take additional steps to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the community.