Street Sweeping Activities Underway

Apr 18, 2019

City crews have already begun some sidewalk, boulevard, and median sweeping with main road sweeping beginning soon throughout the city.

High pedestrian traffic areas such as the downtown centre, upcoming spring marathon routes and high risk drainage areas are swept first to ensure resident safety and to protect our waterways from runoff. 
The vast majority of roads, especially in residential areas, are done later as there is typically more ice and snow that needs to melt before street sweeping can occur.

It can take several passes to remove the sand and debris, and although equipment will closely follow each other, it can take some time in between passes for the next sweeper to come by. 

In order to prevent equipment breakdowns, do not pile sand at the end of your driveway. Please keep in mind that some noise and dust are inevitable during street sweeping operations.

Beginning in early May, the City’s Contractor, Jara Sweeping will begin the city’s contracted portion of the street sweeping operations.

For more information, visit Regular updates, including tentative schedules will be posted on the website, and the City’s Facebook and Twitter.

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