Community Services Committee Approves Increased Security Measures at Transit Centre

Jul 9, 2018

The Community Services Committee recommended Council approve an additional full time guard be on duty at the Greater Sudbury Transit Centre during operating hours.

As a next step, staff will prepare a business case for consideration as part of the 2019 budget process. The business case will outline the costs and resources required to transfer security services to the City and to include security services on board buses.

Greater Sudbury Transit is currently undertaking several initiatives to improve services, with significant emphasis on enhancing customer experience. The proposed recommendations aim to increase service levels by providing an enhanced security service on board transit buses and at the downtown transit centre, providing greater comfort to riders and offering additional legislative authority to those patrolling the terminal.

The security enhancements are a result of several factors, including feedback from the Transit Action Plan engagement process, a Greater Sudbury Transit employee survey, and incidents that have occurred at the Transit terminal. 

The measures being undertaken by the City will support to bridge the service gap between what can be effectively handled by security services and what needs to be escalated to Police. The City of Greater Sudbury will continue to collaborate with Greater Sudbury Police Services and is appreciative of their ongoing focused patrols and quick and efficient response to all emergency situations.  

The matter will be before City Council for final approval at its July 10 meeting.