The 2014 Municipal and School Board Election Acclaimed Candidates

Sep 16, 2014

In accordance with the Municipal Elections Act, the City of Greater Sudbury City Clerk has declared the following candidates to be elected by acclamation as the number of candidates running for the office is the same as the number required for the role.

Rainbow District School Board

Area 3
Judy Kosmerly
Area 4:
Dena Morrison
Area 6:
Judy Hunda

Sudbury Catholic District School Board

Area 2:
Raymond Desjardins
Area 3:
Michael Bellmore
Area 6:
Jody Cameron

Conseil scolaire de district du Grand Nord de l’Ontario   

Zone 8:
Robert Boileau
Zone 9:
Claude Giroux
Zone 10:
Jean-Marc Aubin
Zone 11:
Raymond Labrecque
Zone 12:
François Boudreau

Conseil scolaire de district catholique du Nouvel-Ontario

Zone 6:
Louise Essiembre
Marcel Legault

An official City Clerk certified list of candidates is now available on our website at