Community Services Receives Parks, Open Space and Leisure Master Plan Review

Jun 17, 2014

Greater Sudbury’s Community Services Committee accepted a 10 year update to the City’s Parks, Open Space and Leisure Master Plan, during its regularly scheduled meeting of June 16, 2014. Acceptance by committee automatically forwards the report to Greater Sudbury Council for further consideration of recommended action plans and future capital budget options.

“The Master Plan review provides a thorough framework to deliver cost-effective, high quality leisure and recreational opportunities to our community over the next 10 years,” said Greater Sudbury Director of Leisure Services Real Carre. “With the approval of Council, we will move forward on the high priority, immediate action items identified in the report to meet changing needs.”

Updates to the master plan were undertaken as part of a larger review of Greater Sudbury’s Official Plan, a blueprint for future community development. The master plan classifies action items as high, medium or low priority actions. Each identified goal or project will be considered on an individual basis by Greater Sudbury Council for implementation. The action plans will also be included in the Leisure Services 2014-2017 Strategic Plan.

Examples of high priority action items identified in the review for implementation over the next five years include:

•    the Arena Renewal Strategy which includes a continued focus on maintaining existing arenas, monitoring usage trends to assess the possibility of decommissioning one ice pad and following through on the eventual renovation or replacement of the Sudbury Community Arena,

•    the Therapeutic Pool Feasibility Study to realize the provision of a therapeutic and leisure pool at the Lionel E. Lalonde Centre,

•    the 2013 Grace Hartman Amphitheatre Business Plan Review, with priority given to enhancements that promote use by local not-for-profit community groups,

•    the engagement of local communities and organizations in the planning, creation and operation of future off-leash dog parks, with priority given to the larger urban areas including Sudbury (south/southwest), Rayside-Balfour and Valley East,
•    the sustainability of municipal ski hills through responsible asset management, customer-responsive programs and services and four-season opportunities,

•    an overall review of parkland and green space availability, requirements, development and design,

•    building on existing programs to maximize opportunities for free access to municipal facilities for all age groups,

•    working with partners to expand recreational trails, active transportation choices and associated support infrastructure, as guided by the City of Greater Sudbury Sustainable Mobility Plan, Official Plan, and related initiatives, and

•    the provision of three additional mini-soccer fields in Walden and one additional field in Rayside-Balfour through park development, expansion or agreement.

The City will regularly review, assess and revise the recommendations of the Parks, Open Space and Leisure Master Plan in order to ensure that they remain reflective of local conditions and responsive to the changing needs of the community.
To read the entire Parks, Open Space and Leisure Master Plan Review, please visit or dial 3-1-1 for more information.