Big Nickel Road and Falconbridge Highway

Oct 22, 2014

Motorists travelling on Big Nickel Road are advised of intermittent lane closures on Thursday, October 23, between 8 a.m. for 4:30 p.m. for road surveys.

Falconbridge Highway is reduced to one lane in each direction between Frobisher Street and the Kingsway for a watermain repair. Lanes are expected to reopen by late Friday, October 24.

**update **

The City of Greater Sudbury is advising residents in the area of the possibility of discoloured water for the next 48 hours. Check water for clarity prior to starting laundry or dishwashers. Water can be cleared of excess sediments by running a cold water tap, preferably one which is closest to a downstairs water meter, until the water runs clear.

Motorists are advised of a partial curb lane closure for a watermain repair on Falconbridge Highway between Metcalfe Avenue and Pilotte Road.