Culture and Work Environment

A positive customer service focused culture is what our municipality strives for. Our employees value the relationships they build, and we want to provide flexible work arrangements when possible and opportunities for formal and informal recognition so employees can feel good about coming to work and contributing in a positive way. 

Flexible Work Arrangements

Remote Work 

The City is committed to evolving business practices and increasing work/life balance by supporting employees who request to work remotely. The Remote Work Program provides the flexibility to allow our employees to balance professional obligations between remote and in-office work environments.

Compressed Work Week  

Eligible employees can participate in a compressed work week program, which allows them to work the same number of hours within fewer days to earn subsequent day off. 


At the City, we believe in celebrating the contributions and achievements of our employees. Our recognition programs empower our leaders and employees to acknowledge the hard work and accomplishments of the individuals and teams within the organization. 

  • Be WISE and Recognize: Employees can be recognized at different levels for demonstrating one of our WISE values of workplace quality, innovation, service excellence, or efficiency.
  • The power of a ‘thank you’: Employees have access to e-cards and manual thank you cards to allow them to show a small piece of appreciation to others.
  • Years of Service recognition: Employees are recognized at key milestones throughout their career with the City.
  • Quarter Century event: Each year an event takes place to recognize employees who have retired in the past 12 months and those employees who have dedicated 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45+ years of continuous service.

Contributing to your Community

The City of Greater Sudbury is one of the key employers within the community. Our staff of approximately 3,000 works to provide an environment that enhances the health and safety of our citizens, promotes personal and economic growth, and protects the physical environment. 

Our staff also helps our community through a number of fundraising activities throughout the year. As a devoted participant in the United Way campaign since 2002, we have raised countless dollars through various fundraising activities to help this, as well as many other, non-profit organizations in our community. 

Together, our employees work to make a difference in Greater Sudbury.