Checklist for Community Groups

Checklist for Community Groups (PDF)

Idea phase

  • Consult with your Recreation Coordinator to review the initial idea
  • Receive directional guidance for the project from City

Concept and planning phase

  • Develop project plan and budget
  • Review project plan and budget with City
  • Receive written notice from City of approved project

Secure and confirm funding

  • Complete funding sources template to guide planning for fundraising and consult with Leisure Services Community-led Projects Working Team to review
  • Brainstorm potential sponsors or donors
  • Identify grant opportunities and apply
  • Determine recognition levels and opportunities
  • Identify one committee member to oversee sponsors and donors and work with the City of Greater Sudbury Partnership and Outreach Coordinator
  • Create reach-out strategy and materials
  • Identify lead to reach out for each prospect
  • Establish tracking system to keep community group and City informed on status of funds raised
  • Notify Leisure Services Community-led Projects Working Team when sponsors are confirmed so agreements can be created 

Execute and build phase

  • Deposit all cash contributions to City of Greater Sudbury bank account for project
  • Review timeline established by project manager and support in sharing information with public as applicable

Recognition and opening of project

  • Work with Leisure Services Community-led Projects Working Team on planning for opening event. The type of event will be recommended by the City’s Communications team. Incremental costs to further enhance the proposed event must be covered by the community group.
  • Promote and invite members of community as applicable
  • Invite sponsors and donors as applicable