Flour Mill Museum

Click image for a larger view of the new home of the Flour Mill Museum in O'Connor Park.

The Flour Mill Museum has moved from 245 St. Charles Street to a new home in O’Connor Park, 140 St. George Street, Sudbury.

The museum is located in a historic house constructed in approximately 1902 by François Varieur, a foreman at Evans Lumber, and later was the residence of the foreman of the Ontario Flour Mill Company until 1920.

The Flour Mill Action Committee purchased the house from Aimé Lapalme for $1.00. The grand opening of the Flour Mill Museum was celebrated on October 5, 1974.

The clapboard house was located next to the Flour Mill Silos but was relocated in 1987 to St. Charles Street.  A log cabin next door was constructed in 1983 in celebration of Sudbury’s centennial to showcase special exhibits. A third building was constructed in 1975 for office use and storage.

The museum’s new home in O’Connor Park will bring the life and history of the Flour Mill Franco-Ontarian community to children and families in the area, and will make room for construction of a new sanitary sewer lift station and forcemain on St. Charles Street to protect the waters of Junction Creek.

The St. Charles sewage pumping station was constructed in the 1930s to service the Flour Mill area. Its below grade structure and forcemain are deteriorating and require replacement. It is anticipated construction will begin in 2019, following the relocation of the Flour Mill Museum.

O’Connor Park has abundant room to house the museum and is in the vicinity of the St. Charles Street site. It is anticipated the museum will add to the overall family-friendly experience at O’Connor Park, attracting the interest of residents making use of playground equipment, the splash pad and pickleball courts.

More information on the reopening of the Flour Mill Museum will be provided to the public once details are finalized.