Temporary Flexible Bollard Traffic Calming

temporary traffic calming bollards installed on Auger Avenue

Temporary Bollards are flexible plastic posts located every 100 m – 150 m along a road. Each location has a bollard in the centre of the road and one bollard on either side of the road. This setup narrows the road and alters driver behaviour. 


  • As part of the program the ten highest ranked locations in the annual traffic calming ranking will have the bollards installed every year until the location is considered for permanent traffic calming or is no longer in the ten highest ranked locations.
  • Only roads with curbs on the ranking are considered
  • Flexible bollards are not considered as part of permanent traffic calming plan
  • Bollards are installed after street sweeping and line painting are completed and are removed by Oct. 31st (weather pending)

2022 Temporary Traffic Calming Location List

The following list are the locations that will be receiving temporary flexible traffic calming bollards in 2022. These locations were the top 10 urban locations on the 2022 Traffic Calming Ranking List.

1. Brenda Drive (Moonrock Avenue to St Charles Lake Road)

2. Lansing Avenue (Lasalle Boulevard to Maley Drive)

3. Grandview Boulevard (Montrose Avenue to Wedgewood Drive)

4. Kelly Lake Road (Southview Drive to Copper Street)

5. Robinson Drive (Kelly Lake Road to Southview Drive)

6. Hawthorne Drive (Barry Downe Road to Auger Avenue)

7. Bancroft Drive (The Kingsway to Bellevue Avenue)

8. Arnold Street (Barbara Street to 400 m West of Skyward Drive)

9. Morin Avenue (Dell Street to Tedman Avenue)

10. Balsam Street (Garrow Road to Nickel Street)


A two-year pilot project was completed to measure the effectiveness of using temporary flexible bollards as traffic calming measures. The pilot project measured the impact the bollards had on operating speeds and gauged residents’ satisfaction with the program. The pilot project demonstrated that temporary flexible bollards are effective at reducing the operating speeds of vehicles and residents. Details on the impact to operating speeds and a link to the report on the pilot project can be found below.

Impact on Operating Speeds

Speed studies were conducted at each location before and after the temporary traffic calming bollards were installed.  The results of these speed studies indicate a varying reduction in speeds at all three locations.

The chart below shows the locations where speed studies were completed. Each location shows the 85th percentile speed which is the speed at which 85 per cent of vehicles are travelling or lower.

85th percentile speeds by location pre and post bollard installation

Study Location

85th Percentile Speed Before Bollards (km/h)

85th Percentile Speed with Bollards (km/h)

Difference (km/h)


Michelle Drive between Municipal Road 80 and Francis Street (staggered bollard layout)




Michelle Drive between Morrie Court & Morrie Court




Brenda Drive between St Charles Lake Road & Ursa Court




Lansing Avenue between Lamothe Street & Melbourne Street




Lansing Avenue between Graywood Drive and Cedarview Crescent





For further information refer to the report titled 2022 Traffic Calming Update.