Acceptable Items

Household Hazardous Waste

Items we accept

  • medicines and supplements
  • sharps (syringes, needles and lancets)
  • household and car batteries
  • butane lighters and cylinders
  • kerosene and gasoline
  • vehicle fluids (windshield washer, motor oil, antifreeze, transmission and brake fluid)
  • glues and cements
  • paint materials (paints, thinners, turpentine, paint strippers, stains and preservatives)
  • rust removers
  • ammonia
  • aerosol cans with product left in them (bug sprays, air fresheners, paint, etc.)
  • drain openers and oven cleaners
  • fire extinguishers
  • fertilizers, weed and bug killers
  • propane tanks and cylinders
  • pool chemicals
  • fluorescent tubes and thermometers

The Household Hazardous Waste Depot and the Toxic Taxi will accept the residential items above. If you don’t see your items in the list, please check our Waste Wise tool to find out how to dispose of your waste.

Learn more about common types of household hazardous waste (PDF, 33 KB).

To reduce the need to dispose of household hazardous waste, check out some alternative cleaning products (PDF, 323 KB) you can make yourself.

Check out the Regeneration program for more locations to drop off paint.

Items we do not accept

  • We do not accept non-residential, pathological, PCB, explosive, radioactive, unknown waste or waste generated from outside the boundaries of the City of Greater Sudbury.