Additional Support Programs and Resources

We offer a variety of support programs and resources to individuals receiving assistance. Learn more about our programs below:

Family Support

A Family Support Worker (FSW) is available to assist you with getting child, spousal, parental and sponsorship support. 

Pursuing child support is voluntary and is not a condition to qualify for Ontario Works assistance, however because child support income is not deducted off of your Ontario Works assistance, it is recommended that you pursue it.  This extra income can greatly help improve your finances and quality of life.        

If you are pursuing child or spousal support, a Family Support Worker can provide advice and guidance to help determine which legal option is right for you. For example, the FSW will explain how a support order or agreement works and which would be best in your situation.  The FSW will work with you to ensure you are receiving the proper support amount you are entitled to according to federal guidelines. 

In cases involving custody, access, property, or if your matter needs to be heard in a higher court, you may be referred to Legal Aid.  The FSW also works with the Family Responsibility Office in order to collect and enforce support payments. 

Education Upgrading

Our office can help steer you in the right direction if you want to upgrade to complete a grade 12 diploma/equivalency or GED.

LEAP Program

Parents aged 16 to 25 who have not completed high school are eligible for the Learning, Earning and Parenting (LEAP) Program. 

  • This program provides client-centered supports for young parents to help get a Grade 12 diploma or equivalency.
  • Financial support is available for school-related expenses along with some other incentives.  


Assistance with bus fare, monthly bus pass or fuel costs for a vehicle may be provided to eligible persons in an approved activity such as basic education, community placement, employment placement, LEAP and this is supported by the caseworker. Transportation costs may be provided if you are in school, training, looking for work or volunteering.  Assistance may also be provided for medical appointments.

Other Financial Assistance

Extra money is available to cover costs on top of your basic food and shelter costs.  Some examples include:

  • child care
  • special diet allowance
  • medical transportation

If you are starting full time or part employment, upgrading towards a grade 12 diploma or equivalency, or in a training program, you may be eligible for costs to help with your education, training or employment.   The amount of assistance will vary, is subject to a maximum amount and you will be required to meet eligibility criteria to qualify.  

For more information please contact your caseworker.

Other Helpful Services and Links

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Community Partnerships

The City of Greater Sudbury is a partner in the Community Mobilization Sudbury (CMS) initiative and a participant at its Rapid Mobilization Table. More information about the CMS partnership can be found at the Canadian Mental Health Association Sudbury/Manitoulin website.