Training Centre

The training centre is located at 239 Montée Principale in Azilda. It provides training for career and volunteer firefighters, emergency response personnel in the public and private sectors, and students enrolled in Cambrian College's Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training program.

The training centre consists of:

  • A training tower where firefighters can practice putting out fires in a controlled environment.
  • An auto extrication pad where firefighters can practice removing individuals trapped in vehicles.
  • Burn cells where firefighters practice conducting successful fire/arson investigations.
  • A rail car where first responders learn to recognize potential sources of fire or hazardous materials and the type of response needed.
  • A roof cutting prop where firefighters learn how to ventilate a building that is on fire.
  • Survival training that includes a hose and ladder bailout and a confidence maze where firefighters practice skills to keep themselves and other firefighters safe.
  • Fire extinguisher and pump operations training.
  • Other training such as SCBA training which teaches firefighters how to safely inspect, maintain and operate self-contained breathing equipment.

For more information about our Training Centre or to schedule training sessions contact 705-674-4455 ext 2774.

Training Tower for Fire Services.