Frequently Asked Questions

What is bids&tenders?

Bids&tenders is a user-friendly electronic tendering platform that allows vendors to review tenders and submit bids online from anywhere. The real-time technology ensures easy access to view tenders and up-to-date information throughout the bidding process, including addenda reminders and more.

Why is the City changing its process now?

The move to e-tendering will create a number of efficiencies benefiting vendors and City operations alike. Many municipalities have already made the move to e-tendering or plan to do so in the near future. The centralization of tenders from all municipalities and organizations who subscribe to bids&tenders gives vendors access to all tenders in one location.

Will there be a cost to vendors for the new system?

Vendors can choose to pay $119.76*, plus HST per bid/proposal submission or pay an annual subscription fee of $399.00*, plus HST for unlimited bid/proposal submissions. The annual subscription gives vendors unlimited access to any organization using the bids&tenders system. The bids&tenders fee will be offset by a decrease in printing, courier and administrative costs.

Your subscription to bids&tenders will allow you to:

  • Track and manage bids at a glance with a custom, vendor dashboard
  • Select personalized categories
  • Receive automated email notifications of new bid opportunities
  • Work on a bid/proposal, save work, and see the bid closing countdown in real-time
  • Withdraw and change bids, then resubmit if desired
  • Receive automated confirmations when bids have been submitted, received, or withdrawn
  • Eliminate mathematical errors with the built-in calculator
  • Submit complete and compliant bids every time with the built-in compliance checker
  • Receive reminders if a bid/proposal has been started but not submitted 24 hours before bid close

*Subject to change, as determined by bids&tenders. Note: Starting June 30, 2023 price changes will be $125.75*, plus HST per bid/proposal submission or pay an annual subscription fee of $418.95*, plus HST for unlimited bid/proposal submissions.

Will my current computer support bids&tenders?

Bids&tenders is a secure web-based system. Once registered as a member, you will be able to access the platform from any computer with internet access simply by logging in with your credentials.

bids&tenders supports the current versions of all major browsers including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, 10, Firefox, Safari (OS X).

Will I still be able to submit my bid in person?

As of March 29, 2019, City of Greater Sudbury tenders will be posted to bids&tenders. Any bid for a tender accessed through the online system will need be submitted through the new system.

There will be a transition period for tenders posted to the City’s website prior to March 29. These bids will continue to be accepted through the old method. Bids submitted must be in accordance with the terms set by the City.

During the transition to the new system, very clear instruction to the vendors will be included in every procurement template to assure no confusion.

How will the bidding process change once bids&tenders is in place?

The new process for submitting a bid will be completely digitally. Tenders can be viewed at www.bids& where you will submit a bid by inputting/uploading information into the system on the forms provided. The system has a set of checks and balances that will ensure all requirements have been included in your bid submission and will ensure that the bid is in compliance with City requirements.

Currently, the City accepts paper bid bonds and agreements to bond for construction services contracts and for contracts that originate in Purchasing, accepts certified cheques, money orders, bank drafts and irrevocable letters of credit.

Once eBidding is fully implemented, the City will only accept digital bid bonds and digital agreements to bond for construction services contracts.  For contracts that originate in Purchasing, the City will no longer require a Bid Deposit as part of the Bid Submission.  Only the successful Bidder will be required to submit a Bid Deposit, upon contract award, to be held as a performance guarantee.  The acceptable Bid Deposit formats will continue to be certified cheques, money orders, bank drafts and irrevocable letters of credit.

What if I don’t have a computer?

The City of Greater Sudbury offers computer use to any patrons through the Public Libraries. Vendors can book and utilize Library computer at no charge – see the Public Library website for a list of library branch locations . Instructions to book a computer can also be found on the Library website.

Is there a limit to the size or amount of documents that can be attached to my submission?

There will be a limit to the amount of documents that can be attached to each submission.  The number of allowable attachments in each bid opportunity will be tailored to the requirements.    There is a 500MB size limit, however Bidders can zip files to compress them before attaching to the submission.

Will I still get emailed by the City of Sudbury Purchasing Department of new bid opportunities?

No. Vendors may sign up through bids&tenders to receive notification of bid opportunities. There is no cost to receive notifications. As a courtesy Purchasing will send email notifications for the first 30 days of implementation. This notification will also include information regarding the new process.

Notifications provided by bids&tenders include:

  • Bid post notice
  • Bid closing notice
  • New bid opportunities (by commodity category)
  • Addendum notices
  • Site meeting reminders
  • Bid status changes
  • Award or regret letters

What if I have questions about the bid opportunity? What do I do?

Yes you can still ask questions utilizing the Submit a Question Feature. The City will not respond to questions that are:

  • sent other than through the Submit a Question Feature when the bid opportunity was posted on Bids&Tenders.
  • received after the Deadline for Questions, as defined in the bid document
  • directed to anyone other than the Procurement Representative

How quickly will bid results be posted?

Immediately after a bid closes, the unofficial bid opening results will be available publicly to all bidders.

What is the no bid feature? What is it used for?

The City is utilizing the “no bid” feature to identify opportunities to identify improvements in the City’s process to encourage additional bidding. Contractors/suppliers providing information as to why they are not submitting a bid will provide information to the City to improve its’ processes on a go forward basis.

What happens if I have a computer glitch and my submission did not go through before bid closing?

It is the contractor/supplier’s responsibility to ensure that their bid in submitted before the bid closing date/time. Please ensure you provide sufficient time to submit your bid.

What does the Emergency vendor option do?

Contractors/suppliers that say Yes to being an Emergency vendor may be contacted when an emergency situation occurs. The City does not commit to making any purchases. 

Who do I call for help?

For process questions you can:

For bids&tenders system issues you can: