Traffic, Red Light Camera Tickets, By-law Infractions and Ministry Offences

certificate of offence exampleRed-light camera ticket example

Certificates of Offence are issued for Part I Offences, such as speeding, failing to surrender insurance card and various by-law and Ministry offences.

Please be advised that if you are paying your ticket online via paytickets it is your responsibility as the defendant to make sure that the information you are entering is correct and accurately reflects the information on your ticket i.e. offence number, fine amount etc. Entering incorrect information can result in possible conviction and additional penalties and fines. You may contact the Provincial Offences Office 3-5 business days after you have paid your ticket to confirm that the payment has been processed correctly or if you are unsure what information to enter online.

You have 15 days to select an option on the back of your ticket. If you do not select one of the three options, your may be convicted for failing to select an option, and a conviction may be registered against your driving record and an additional cost may be applied.

Red Light Camera Tickets - Additional Information for Defendants

Red light cameras take images of the vehicle and plate as it enters the intersection when the traffic light is red. If a driver fails to stop at a red light, it is the owner of the vehicle who will be issued the ticket as the offence is tied to the vehicle licence plate and not the individual driving the vehicle.

If you were not driving the vehicle at the time of the offence and wish to have someone appear in court on your behalf for example: the person who was driving the vehicle when the ticket was issued you must provide them with the authorization to do so.

The authorization form should be completed and submitted to the Provincial Offences Office prior to your court date. Please make sure that all of the information requested is provided on the form including the contact information for your authorized representative.