Amendment to City of Greater Sudbury Employee Handbook:

The City of Greater Sudbury commits that no person will make a reprisal against an Employee who:

a) sought advice about making a disclosure of wrongdoing.

b) made a disclosure of wrongdoing;

c) co-operated in an investigation or other process related to a disclosure of wrongdoing.

Reprisal is any measure taken against an employee that adversely affects his or her employment and includes but is not limited to:

a) ending or threatening to end an Employee’s employment;

b) disciplining or suspending, or threatening to discipline or suspend an Employee;

c) imposing or threatening to impose a penalty related to the employment of an Employee;

d) intimidating or coercing an Employee in relation to his/her employment.

The Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development will recommend to the Chief Administrative Officer appropriate actions to take to stop, reverse or remedy a reprisal against an employee of the City of Greater Sudbury.