How Do I Cast My Paper Ballot?

If you want to cast a paper ballot in person, there are two things you will need to bring with you:

Here is the process for voting in person:

  • When you arrive at the voting location of your choice, go to any available Voter Registration/Revisions station in order to be crossed off the voters’ list and receive your ballot. Election officials will scan the barcode at the top of your VIL or use the personal information you provide to look you up on the voters’ list and confirm that your information is up to date.
  • Once your information has been verified, you will be given a paper ballot in a secrecy sleeve based on your designated ward and school board support.
  • Take your paper ballot to a voting booth and mark the ballot with your voting choices with the pen provided.
  • Once you have marked your ballot, put it back into the secrecy sleeve and proceed to the ballot box.
  • The ballot custodian will take the secrecy sleeve from you, and you will deposit your ballot into the ballot box.