Livestock Valuers

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) manages the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program (OWDCP) which provides compensation to eligible owners whose livestock or poultry have been injured or killed as a result of wildlife.

How the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program Works

To be eligible for the program, livestock or poultry owners must have:

  • a valid Farm Business Registration Number or a valid exemption, and
  • a valid Ontario Premises Identification number for the property where the injury or kill occurred.

If you discover your livestock or poultry has been injured or killed:

  • Contact the City of Greater Sudbury within 48 hours, by calling 705-674-4455 extension 2011 or 2016.
  • Get veterinary care for any injured animals,
  • If possible, preserve the injury or kill site until the livestock valuer has had an opportunity to view the site and any carcasses.

Although not required, it is recommended that you take detailed photos of the injury or kill site and of any carcasses.

The Role of Livestock Valuers

Livestock valuers are citizens appointed by the municipality to investigate incidents of livestock or poultry deaths from wildlife.

  1. When the City of Greater Sudbury receives a call from an owner regarding killed or injured livestock or poultry, we will contact a livestock valuer.
  2. The livestock valuer will make arrangements to perform an investigation within 72 hours.
  3. The livestock or poultry owner will have the opportunity to present any documentation including pictures, receipts or veterinarian records.
  4. The livestock valuer will inspect the property and kill or injury site, any carcasses, and take pictures as part of the application package to OMAFRA.

Decision Process

OMAFRA will review the application along with all supporting documentation and make a decision on the validity of the claim and the amount of compensation.

Once the City of Greater Sudbury receives confirmation from OMAFRA of an approved claim, a cheque will be mailed to the livestock or poultry owner for the specified amount.


The City of Greater Sudbury appoints a minimum of one citizen to act as a Livestock Valuer.


The term coincides with the term of Council or until successors are appointed.