The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act (MFIPPA)

Every person has the right to access a record or part of a record in the custody or control of an institution unless:

There are also records to which MFIPPA does not apply:

Protection of Privacy

Under MFIPPA, the City of Greater Sudbury can only collect your personal information when authorized to do so. With some specific exceptions, personal information must be collected directly from you.

When collecting personal information, the City must notify you of:

  • its authority to do so;
  • how the information will be used; and
  • the contact information of a City staff member who can answer questions regarding the use of your personal information.

Sharing of Personal Information

The City of Greater Sudbury keeps your personal information confidential and secure. In most instances, your written permission is required in order for the City to share your information.

There are some circumstances set out in legislation that allow the City to disclose your personal information to others; for example, for compassionate reasons related to an emergency.

Accessing Personal Information

  • MFIPPA gives you the right to access most records containing your own personal information.
  • You also have the right to request correction of your personal information where you believe there is an error or omission. 
  • If you feel the city has not properly corrected the information as requested or you feel your privacy has been comprised, you may appeal to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.