About the Initiative

Women represent 52% of the world's population, and yet only two out of ten candidates for political office are women. Despite winning the right to vote 100 years ago women are still underrepresented in political leadership roles at all levels of government. 

This is evident in our own community where women are leaders in a number of sectors including: business, healthcare and education, but only 4 out of 13 members of Council are women, and in the 2014 Municipal Election only 8 out of 78 candidates for council were women. 

How can we change this?

With the support of Council and their endorsement of the project in resolution CC2016-74 the City of Greater Sudbury proudly launched the Women in Government initiative to encourage more women to run for office in the next municipal and school board election. 

Realizing that much of what holds potential candidates back is a fear of the unknown, the Women in Government initiative will host two events aimed at facilitating an environment for like-minded women to come together and make the political process more familiar to them; Women in Government Day and Mentor Speed Dating.

For more information on Women in Government Day events and to register please click here!